Our mission is to be the leading technology interest group in Southwest Florida; and to encourage the development, growth and attraction of technology companies and technology resources in our region. Our core strategies are: Catalyze, Cultivate and Connect.

Catalyze  by introducing technology companies to early-stage capital; to partnership opportunities with the local technology community  and to service providers associated with the technology sector.

Cultivate by offering informational and educational programs; bringing attention to government investment and regulation that affect our industry; and recognizing excellence and achievement for Innovention, Transformation and Partnership through our annual awards program. 

Connect by presenting events and programs that are meaningful to our members and prospective members; bringing attention to our region’s technology success stories; and supporting initiatives that advance our mission. 

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Data Security: Don't Be the Next "Target"

What Southwest Florida Businesses Can Learn from the Target Data Breach

by Randy Mitchelson

With the infamous Target stores data security breach over the holidays still in the     news, Southwest Florida business owners and technology leaders should be asking           themselves if their customer information is secure.

Regardless of whether you have 40 customers or 40 million customers (the number of   debit and credit card account numbers that Target allowed to be exposed), a business has a responsibility to protect sensitive information.

For example, a small, 1-4 person mortgage broker office in Estero, Florida has just as much accountability to protect customer information as a huge company like Target. Fortunately, large companies can absorb the cost of fixing the problem. The difference is that in the event of a breach, the civil and possible criminal liability that the small business owner faces could easily put them out of business (and leave their employees without a paycheck).

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