SWFRTP Presents - Data Security "The Downside of the Digital Divide"

  • Tuesday, September 16, 2014
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Keiser University | 9100 Forum Corporate Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33905 | (239) 277-1336


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SWFRTP is pleased to present "Data Security - The Downside of the Digital Divide."

What is the digital divide?  Some people have access to information and some people do not; but even among those who do have access, we see a gap.  When there is a clear demarcation between those with access and those without, we begin to see a divide.  With access to technology comes a few good things but there are also some downsides and we will embark on those downsides at this panel discussion.

Ask yourself these questions:

 1.  Can you survive a day without internet access?
 2.  Can you do without some of the technologies that exist?
 3.  What does this phrase mean to you “The Next Best Thing”?
 4.  Do you own a cell phone?
 5.  Do you have broadband internet?
 6.  Is you internet communication secure?
 7.  Is WiFi a new fancy name for the old HiFi systems?
 8.  WPA2, then why do we say there is a divide? 

Can you imagine being on the (I75) highway only to find out that you are walking while others are driving?  What vulnerabilities do you envision in this scenario?  The issues of these downsides of the digital divide as it relates to security in 2014 will be discussed at this panel presentation.  This can go wrong fast - very fast - but the negative effects can be mitigated if we only bridge the gap.

Hosted and sponsored by Keiser University.  Fred Bruno of Keiser University, Joe Grubbs of Binary Structures Corporation, and John Benkert of CPR Tools and Michael Lavengood, Chico's FAS will be among the panelists presenting on this topic.

Visit our website for the latest information and to register for the event:  www.swfrtp.org.

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5:30p - 6:00p - Registration | Networking

6:00p - 6:15p - Welcome & SWFRTP Announcements

6:15p - 7:10p - Panel Presentation "

7:10p - 7:30p - Questions & Answers

7:30p - Wrap out

Fred Bruno is the IT/CyberForensics Program Director at Keiser University.

John Benkert is the CEO of CPR Tools, Inc.  Originally founded in 1987 CPR Tools, Inc. has been at the forefront of the data recovery and data security industries for over two decades.  In that time, the company has developed many of the methods and techniques used by engineers all over the world.  On the data security front, CPR Tools is committed to ending data breaches and educating individuals and organizations on how best to dispose of their electronic data storage products.  The company has been at the forefront of end-of-life data security requirements and continues to promote not only secure destruction legislation but to ensure that the techniques are environmentally friendly ‘green’ solutions.

Joe Grubbs, Ph.D., is Vice President and Chief Information Architect for Binary Structures Corporation (www.binarystructures.com).  Prior to joining BSC, Dr. Grubbs served as the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Enterprise Information Architect and has been a  consultant in data management and geographic information systems (GIS) across levels and domains of government, business, and higher education.  Dr. Grubbs specializes in data governance and information architecture and he is the lead information architect on the Cross Sector Digital Identity Initiative (CSDII), one of the first generation of pilot projects under the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC, www.nist.gov/nstic).  Dr. Grubbs’ technical skills include master data management, applied analytic and statistical methods, and GIS-enabled spatial modeling.  He has a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Central Florida and a Ph.D. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy from the University of Delaware.


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