Hack-A-Thon 2016

  • Friday, June 03, 2016
  • 5:30 PM
  • Sunday, June 05, 2016
  • 12:00 PM
  • Lee County Economic Development Office


Our Hack-a-Thon is here. The event will take place at the Lee County EDO Office: 2201 Second Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901, June 3 - 5.

The schedule will be Friday, 6/3 6:00pm - 12:00am; Saturday, 6/4 9:00am - 12:00am; Sunday, 6/5 9:00am - 2:00pm.

We will be hosting a hack-a-thon in partnership with the National Day of Civic Hacking. Computer programmers, software developers, graphic designers, project managers, community organizers and others are invited to join together for a weekend of intense collaboration, leveraging their skills to help their community. 

We will be hosting two themes again this year.  

Code for America encourages partners to redesign public services to serve the community better and use technology to have high impact.  The SWFRTP hack will center around the Code for America Economic Development silo which emphasizes how cities and regions are stronger when their residents have opportunities to thrive as entrepreneurs, employers, workers and employees.  By doing this we  

  • make it easier to start a business
  • connect entrepreneurs with resources to grow their business
  • provide jobseekers with necessary skills and connect them to employers

Locally Lee County has just helped launch the LEARN - Lee Entrepreneurs' Assistance Resource Network.  LEARN provides outreach activities and services to entrepreneurs and businesses in SWFL.  The mission is to promote the establishment, retention and expansion of businesses in SWFL.  The key partners are: Lee County Economic Development, SCORE, CareerSource of SWFL, Florida Southwestern State College, SBDC@FGCU with many other partners included.  Having connected all these resources, there is a need to develop a way to track the references and results.  

The other theme will be centered around combating Zika and future threats. 

Think boldly about new and transformative ways to prevent, detect and respond to the Zika virus and future global threats.

In today’s interconnected world, we’re more vulnerable than ever to devastating outbreaks and epidemics. Infectious diseases like the Zika virus, Ebola or SARS can take hold in a community suddenly and spread rapidly, traveling across borders before medical leaders and government officials have time to react.  As residents of Florida, we are in the direct path of the Zika virus.

As part of the $30 million Combating Zika and Future Threats Grand Challenge for Development, USAID is calling on the global community to develop bold and actionable ideas to fight the global health threats of tomorrow.  To support this Challenge, USAID has partnered with OpenIDEO to launch an open innovation platform that draws upon talent, inspiration and solutions from around the world to address these pressing issues.  Our aim with this platform is to use the power of the crowd to inform, inspire and guide creative solutions that are deeply grounded in what communities want and need.  

What do you have to do now?

Go to our website www.swfrtp.org  and register for the event.  Next, invite as many people you would like to have in your team.  They also must register on our website.

Help us by making your friends aware of the event and encourage their participation.

Lee County BoCC, FL, through its IT department (ITG) is making available 150 Mb/s of Internet connectivity for its guest ( LeeCounty_Guest) wireless network. This network is directly routed to the Internet and requires no password

Rock solid WiFi:

The event will be held at one of Lee County BoCC, FL facilities that has two (2) conference rooms. Each conference room is fitted with Cisco 1000 series or Cisco 3600 series wireless access points (WAP). Each conference room has 2 WAPs with capacity to support up to 25 users each.

Each WAP is connected to is main switch via a 1,000 Mb/s (1 Gb/s) connection. Each switch in turn has redundant 1 Gb/s connection to the network core. The network core can support up to 10G b/s of traffic. Lee County has dedicated 150 Mb/s of Internet capacity for the guest wifi network.

Minimal firewalling:

The network being provided to the event is directly connected (through virtual network – VLAN) to the Internet. Although it does go through Lee County BoCC, FL – ITG’s firewall, no traffic is blocked.

Note that DNS filtering is performed for all Lee County Internet traffic.

Subnet / DHCP capacity.

The IP address pool is sufficient to support 1,000+ IPv4s, what will be sufficient for the event.

WiFi security:

The WiFi setup blocks access from one user device to another.  This does not take the responsibility of each participant to secure its equipment.

No device isolation:

Attendees should be reminded that when connected to the network, their devices may be accessible to all other devices on the network so they would be wise to secure them.

IP Whitelisting:

Due to the volume of users normally accessing Lee County's BoCC, FL - ITG's network, there is no risk of grey/black listing of the county IP addresses.

QoS and Monitoring:

Traffic shaping and monitoring may be present to prevent users from abusing the connection to the detriment of others.  Although the capacity for Deep Packet inspection is available, it will not be used.

Ethernet to the Chair Optional.

Single subnet OptionalBoth WiFi and ethernet should share a single subnet, allowing devices to communicate regardless of how they are connected to the network.

Power:  Power sockets / Power strips.  Users will need to bring their own extension cords and/or monitors/keyboards.

The Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership, a member of Lee County’s Horizon Council, is the only organization dedicated solely to promoting the growth of the technology sector in Southwest Florida.


Contact: Deborah Johnson | deborahjohnson.naples@gmail.com  | (239) 298-6940

Sponsorship Opportunities are available.  Contact Stephen Craig at 407-760-3578 or stephencraig2002@yahoo.com

Contact us: Info@swfrtp.org
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