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  • Wednesday, July 06, 2016 9:17 PM
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    Fort Myers has a long history of entrepreneurship. Early innovators like Edison, Ford and Firestone once chose this city as a starting place for new and exciting industries. Today, TRL is on a mission to revive that spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship by building a tech startup ecosystem right in the heart of downtown.

    To complete this mission, they’ve gathered a team of serial entrepreneurs with 100s of years of collective business experience and set them to work guiding the next generation of tech startups. A true incubator and accelerator, this team proactively matches each of their tenants with carefully selected resources and services that meet their unique needs and development levels.

    All of The RocketLounge events are published on their meetup site:

    Weekly and Monthly and Yearly Events  

    (prices varied by event, some free for non-members and members, and some only free for members or members receive discount) 

    1. Learning Events: 

    a. Instructional Meetups (monthly: ruby on rails, wordpress) 

    b. Professional Meetups (monthly: academic or professional like Henderson Franklin, or FGCU) 

    c. Keynote Meetups (monthly: SWFL Tech Meetup) 

    2. Show-Off Events: 

    a. Hardware tech (monthly: like drone show off) 

    b. Lunch & Learn Software Tech (monthly: like D3 or HyperTeam) 

    c. Tech Pitching and Roadshow (monthly) 

    3. Tradeshows and Conferences

    a. Hackathons (once every 6 month) 

    b. Bits & Beaches (once a year) 

    4. Courses: 

    a. Seminars (half a day or day long: like art of pitching) 

    b. Evening Courses (1-2 hours weekly in the evenings for several weeks: like how to start a startup) 

    c. Weekend Courses (1-2 day long) 

    d. Intensive Courses (2-6 weeks long every day classes and assignments: incubator course) 

    5. Vertical Accelerator:  

    a. 3-6 month long very intensive and highly selective 

    Find out more at

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